Green Smoke Vs V2Cigs

Let’s take a look at two of the top cig-a-like brands for sale today.

Comparing Green Smoke to V2 Cigs

The top ecig brands nowadays are Green Smoke and V2 Cigs and they both come with their set of special treats for vapers of different tastes and preferences. Green Smoke is a premium brand that offers the best vapor in town. Their vapor is thick and strong and an absolute winner for those vapers who are difficult to satisfy. Another great thing about Green Smoke is that you get a wide range of accessories to choose from and there is an endless array of flavors so that there is something even for the pickiest of us. The Green Smoke ecig itself is a smart, realistic design that attempt to imitate its tobacco counterpart as closely as possible. This is a brand for those who have been addicted to tobacco cigarettes for quite some time and need a strong throat hit in order to feel satisfied. Green Smoke also has quite a few starter kits in its range so the variety it provides is unparallel.

Green Smoke also prides itself on its mass availability and online store which enables customers to get this brand’s products easily and at good prices. Since ecigs became available to this day, Green Smoke is widely available and can be bought from most online stores that stock multiple manufacturers. Although the number of puffs you get per cigarettes might be average; but there is more power in every puff. On average you get 30 cigarettes worth of inhalation. Most brands cannot compare with the vapor volume of this brand simply because their blends are more finely built with the flavors having a lot of density. Green Smoke cigarettes have a standard two component design which means that the atomizer fitted into the cartridge is very high performing which helps the subsequent vapor to be very thick.

V2 Cigs on the other hands are equally impressive in their design and performance with few key differences. The first difference that makes itself apparent is the price. V2 Cigs are priced at least 15% to 25% cheaper than Green Smoke and all its components and starter kits. The difference is quality is not so apparent however although Green Smoke is credited with an overall thicker and more satisfying vapor. V2 offers a similarly wide range of ecig products and their packaging and design is also very much on the lines of imitating the real experience that people have with tobacco cigarettes. V2 Cigs are impressive for a number of other reasons as well. Their online store allows the customer to entirely customize the process and choose everything according to their personal preferences. The brand also believes in frequent and consistent discounts on all their products which make online shopping an absolute delight. Coupon codes are also frequently available.

The diversity of this ecig is such that it suits most types of smokers. The vapor volume is a medium sort of formulation such that it is not too strong and not too light. The flavors are very delightful and some vapers have even gone as far as to say that they barely remember what traditional cigarettes felt like since V2 formulations are very addictive and smooth on the tongue. The selection of flavors may not be vast but they have some blends which are impressive such as their red range in which you can add any four flavors of your choice. Cherry, Mint Tea and Coffee are some popular choices. There are also five nicotine strengths to choose from.

Despite all the considerable advantages of choosing an older, premium brand such as V2 Cigs, Green Smoke still wins a few extra points on account of its larger variety of flavors and the thickness of its vapor. The vapor volume is one of the most important things associated with an ecig, and apart from appearance and so on it counts for far more. V2 Cigs simply cannot deliver on the same level as Green Smoke and is also not nearly as creative with the introduction of new blends. The range is limited and leaves on wanting even with higher nicotine strength. Green Smoke also wins extra points for excellent customer care and prompt shipping which makes for an overall wonderful customer experience.

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