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Posted by Admin - August 10, 2015

Recently, Green Smoke reduced their collection of starter kits to just 3. They made sensible choices, narrowing the selection to a 1-battery, 2-battery, and a 3-battery set, each one reasonably priced and a money-saver for vapers. If you are thinking of trying electronic cigarettes for the first time or of switching from the brand you currently use, these Green Smoke starter kits are worth considering.

Three Kits

You could call them small, medium, and large bundles: Essentials, Express, and Pro. The Essentials Kit costs $18.49 followed by the Express at $46.72. A Pro set is priced $74.05. Each one comes with cartridges and a USB charger.

The Essentials Kit

With this set, you only receive 2 cartridges and a clamshell case to keep your small collection tidy. Don’t get excited about flavors yet either: there are just three options here. Choose Red Label Tobacco, Absolute Tobacco, or Menthol, and only 1.8% nicotine. They don’t call it an Essentials Kit for nothing. Literally, the new client will own exactly what he needs to try vaping and nothing more, but that’s the point and you don’t pay all that much considering the battery is rechargeable if you decide to try more of their cartridges.

The Express Kit

Now we’re getting somewhere. Add a second battery, 3 more cartridges, and a wall adapter but take away the clamshell case. This time you get to select a flavor and strength. Green Smoke offers Tobacco Gold, Mountain Clove, Mocha Mist, and Smooth Cream besides the three flavors already mentioned and you can opt for zero nicotine, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, or 2.4% nicotine.

The Pro Kit

This set is ideal for someone who has tried the Essentials set and knows that Green Smoke is right for them. Here you receive a third battery and 10 cartridges. A car charging adapter is added to the other equipment and you also receive a carry case. This is a serious collection for enthusiastic customers.

Saving Money with the Starter Kit

Batteries at Green Smoke cost $15.71 each and cartridges are priced $12.99 for 5. A wall charger/USB kit costs $24.97 and you can add $18.49 for the car charger. With a case priced $18.49, we can do a bit of adding and subtracting to determine how much a beginner’s bundle will save you.

Try the Express first. Parts bought separately would amount to $69.38 meaning customers save over $22 with the set (about 32%). Pieces for the Pro would cost $120.57 taking the three-battery deal ($41.64) into consideration. Here you save over $45 or roughly 37%.


While you might also want to compare individual prices for parts between e cig brands, within this brand it’s obviously a lot cheaper to order a set. Even if you could find cheaper prices for electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke is well-known for selling a reliable product with tasty, fresh cartridges, decent batteries, and pretty good vapor for a mini cig. Continue to apply smart methods to reduce costs like arranging home delivery and buying in bulk and the cost of vaping will be a lot easier to swallow.

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