Discarding E Cig Cartridges: Best Practices Guide

Electronic cigarettes are stylish and unique electronic devices that are used as a substitute for regular cigarettes. These devices are battery operated and contain several other components such as an atomizer and cartridge. Electronic cigarettes are extremely popular these days as they have become a health trend. You can see smokers using these devices in public places such as bars and restaurants without having to worry about paying fines.

The Cartridge

The cartridge of an electronic cigarette is also known as liquid container. As the name suggests, this particular components holds the nicotine fluid that is heated by the atomizer in order to generate vapors. You can buy various different flavored cartridges for your electronic cigarette. The flavors vary from chocolate to tobacco.


Electronic cigarette cartridge is disposable. You must change the cartridge after every 30 days depending on your usage rate. After every 30 days open the cartridge and see if the filler material is burned. If it is burned then replace the cartridge with a new one. The following are steps to dispose off a cartridge.

  1. Carefully and gently disconnect the cartridge from the device.
  2. Put the empty cartridge under running tap water in order to remove any traces of nicotine. It is advisable to wear plastic gloves while performing this step as nicotine is a poisonous chemical.
  3. Take a piece of foil and wrap it around the cartridge. Make sure to cover the cartridge properly, no part of the cartridge should be visible. By successfully completing this step, you will ensure that kids and animals stay away from the cartridge.
  4. Throw the cartridge inside the trash can.
  5. If you are not wearing gloves, then wash your hands with soap after you have discarded the cartridge.

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