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Expert critics in the electronic cigarette field and consumers who use these analog-style devices have created lists of their top brands, lists which change year by year. Various sites list their different top-ten brands: Triple Seven, NuvoCig, Cigavette, and V2 Cigs; Halo, White Cloud, Vapor4Life, and Vaporfi.

Certain tables are focused on cigalikes while others consider the whole brand and their catalogue of mini cigs, eGos, APVs, and/or e liquid. They only makes cigalikes or “cigarette-like” electronic products and offers a very short menu of flavors, yet they appear on both lists.

There are several good reasons for their fame and for their being a preferred product among vapers. These include reputation, performance, starter kit pricing and selection, a green attitude, and more.

Green Smoke Reputation

One of these reasons is that they started business when e cigs were still new in the United States. Their products have adjusted to ongoing technical advancements which lead to smaller batteries providing more power for longer.

Although association with Big Tobacco has dampened some individuals’ enthusiasm, most people are only concerned about the quality of their batteries and cartridges product, and it’s high. Reading reviews by countless customers spanning half a decade proves how well-received the brand is across the US, and their consistency too.

Quality Quotient

GreenSmoke might not offer a wide array of flavors, but while South Beach Smoke and Vapor4Life aim to be the Baskin and Robbins of pre-filled cartridges, GS hones in on the quality of their cartomizers.

Flavor aside, it is the freshness of these little cylinders that wins customers every time. Taste tempters include Mountain Clove and a new Cream variety.

Whether or not you like a style, however, or find their tobacco varieties authentic, you can’t argue with triple-sealed freshness, lot numbers, batch testing, and quality control. Many clients really love cartomizers by the way, so you don’t have to choose freshness in favor of flavor, but it’s reassuring to see that these are produced in a lab under strict safety and hygiene regulations and monitoring.

Selection of Starter Kits

About 18 months ago, Green Smoke took a look at pricing for starter kits and decided it was time to slash their prices. The competition was offering lower prices for the same types of starter kits that were just as good.

Until that time, they might have been regarded as one of the more expensive brands. But being one of the more sought after and well known brands, they have kept up with the industry in their prices.

Nowadays individuals are consistently looking for the most competitive pricing, along with high quality. Bountiful choice helps, giving shoppers many places to compare prices.

Once caught on, however, customers no longer had to weigh up whether the products were better and, thus, worth paying more for than Halo or White Cloud. They could judge based on other facts like Green Smoke’s Reward Program, recycling program, and great starter kit products.

These hold one or more batteries, essential chargers, multiple cartridges, possibly cases, but bundles are never especially fancy. While V2 Cigs offers a PCC kit, one with a USB cig, and makes clearomizers or blank cartomizers for use with V2 e liquid, Green Smoke sticks with batteries, a USB charger, AC wall adapter, and a car charger. They don’t even sell blank cartomizers.

Simple Approach

One of the best reasons to shop with, especially for a new vaper, is that their approach is simple. They haven’t started offering e liquids by the bottle or blank vessels for refilling.

There are no eGo e cigs, APVs, or herbal vaporizers on hand, although their battery selection includes numerous stylish patterns. There is no way to wind up with a tank and battery that are mismatched or difficult to operate because it is meant for advanced users: This company doesn’t sell that kind of equipment and they are proud to keep things simple.

Green is as Green does

A major contributing factor to their success has been their environmentally conscious attitude. They were among the first companies to introduce a recycling program whereby customers could send in blank cartomizers for recycling.

Not only is this program free to Green Smoke customers but they also receive reward points for recycling. Until that point, clients threw their cartomizers in the garbage.

Battery recycling has been available around the country for years and now those depots expect to see electronic cigarettes whereas, as late as 2013, depot employees wondered what these little colored cylinders were supposed to be. They promote environmentally responsible behavior. It’s written in their name, implied in their green and white motif, and promoted on their website.

Top-Ten Material

I’d go so far as to say that GreenSmoke turns up on almost every e-cig top-ten chart, often more like the top-five. It doesn’t matter that they won’t upgrade while some firms have even dropped their mini cig line (like Volcano who no longer make the Magma). Many followers agree, at least if sales volume is anything to go by and that says almost as much as customer reviews.

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